Black, white, and mercury-grey

Just wanted to share the text written by the Full Frame festival about the film:

"For centuries, Almadén was home to one of Spain’s major mercury mines. Since the closing of the mine fifteen years ago, the town and its former miners, like Pablo, continue to struggle. Director Chico Pereira’s gorgeous black, white, and mercury-gray documentary debut exudes a lush vigor and richness that belies the economic state of Almadén and the advancing years of many of its residents. Dry-witted dramas unfold over not-so-quiet conversations, and many a Marlboro, in this laconic character study of a protagonist, who at first, second, and third glance remains singularly off-putting. But more time with Pablo yields a larger tale of hero and town—the beauty of both become increasingly more certain, and begrudgingly endearing. Ultimately, this alluring visual narrative cleverly combines the striking vistas of the village with the musings and ministrations of a grumpy old man to such excellent effect, you’ll be glad to pull up a chair and join him." – Source:

Screening details here, as well as all listings for Belfast, Edinburgh, and Munich.


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