Now on DVD: Nicotine, Mercury, Matters of the Heart

pablo_case_320.pngJust in time for Christmas, here's Pablo's Winter on DVD. You can order straight from the player below. 

Our DVDs are available in more than 50 countries. Please allow around two weeks for delivery as these DVDs are mailed out on demand from the United States.

In other words: order now if you want them before Christmas.


¡Justo a tiempo para Navidad! Aquí está El Invierno de Pablo en DVD. Lo puedes comprar directamente a través del reproductor a continuación. 

Keep in mind these are PAL DVDs, so if you're in an NTSC country like the United States, Mexico or Canada you'll want to double-check your device plays PAL DVDs. We've certainly not put any region lock on them.

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